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Therapy and Support for Behavioral Health, Substance Abuse, and Gaming Problems

Our program begins when the Clinical Director schedules an intake evaluation. We then develop an individualized treatment plan for the adolescent and his or her family. We have created an intensive treatment model to address emotional and behavioral issues with the goal that adolescents and twenty-somethings go on to be successful adults. We offer both in-person (post coronavirus crisis), online, and phone therapy. Based on family needs, The Next Right Thing’s intensive outpatient and after-care treatment may include:

  • Anxiety, depression, and substance abuse treatment
  • Crisis intervention services (9-5 weekdays) at school, home, or
    at The Next Right Thing
  • Opiate detox and blocker maintenance treatment
  • Specializes in trauma and addiction
  • Parent education and support groups
  • Individual and family therapy
  • Group therapy multiple times/week
  • Multi-family therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • In-home services and peer mentoring
  • After-care as people become self-reliant and are creating healthy dependencies

The group schedule reflects opportunities for education about substance abuse and mental health issues. These groups include structured skill-building exercises, mindfulness, and traditional group therapy essential for personality development.

Relapse prevention depends on breaking patterns (e.g., for addicts it’s their cycle of compulsive lying) and becoming more open and willing to create new patterns of living.

Recovery is dependent on identifying and resolving life-altering events (often traumatic) that decrease the chances of recovery. Therefore, our therapeutic approach includes proven trauma-informed methods of recovery.

Parental involvement is an essential component of treatment. The weekly schedule provides several opportunities for parent education and support. Multi-family therapy is a powerful means for families to both heal from the isolation associated with mental health problems and to support each other through the difficult adolescent passage.

Things are tough out there…

Today, families and their teens or those in their twenties face the following challenges:

  1. Social isolation that breeds anxiety, depression, and substance abuse.
  2. A high-risk drug culture in affluent communities that includes the abuse of prescribed pain medications, heroin, binge drinking, and more potent marijuana.
  3. The onset of major psychiatric problems in childhood and adolescence when “self-medication” with drugs is common and early drug use can induce psychiatric symptoms or conditions.
  4. Learning problems can contribute to adolescent distress and drug or alcohol use.
  5. Little resiliency and poor coping skills in dealing with life stress at home and school.

Lapsing into unhealthy behaviors is often part of the process.

Adolescence is a time of transition with major changes in physical, emotional, and mental functioning. Positive changes happen by being willing to let go of attitudes and behaviors that don’t work and by being willing to try new behaviors. Change happens with support from family and friends to do the next right thing.

At The Next Right Thing, our focus is on building skills to develop self-efficacy. Self-efficacy means having a sense of confidence to make better choices and, therefore, to manage the challenges of daily living. With more confidence to make better choices comes resiliency, an ability to bounce back without lapsing into old ways of reacting. With strengthening confidence and resiliency comes real hope for a different future. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Stages of Change, and The Twelve Step principles shape the structure of our program. Substantial research in the field of relapse prevention and recovery supports the value of this model.

Random drug screens are mandatory. While relapse into old behaviors or substance use may be anticipated when changing patterns of behavior, being drug-free through the entire treatment program is essential to success. Individual treatment plans are continually re-evaluated to address risks.

Outpatient Program

Offered during after-school hours, our community-based program allows adolescents to continue their education and work while receiving their necessary treatment. Our program is designed to identify and address emotional and behavioral challenges of adolescence. It can extend over a six to nine-month period.

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